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Blogging. IN A NEW DECADE. Who would have thunk it? Perhaps this is the start of something great?

It likely isn't, though.

For a little over four months I have been dating a girl who completes me.. we've been a couple for over three. So far, it's great.

Loving life (HARRY POTTER INFINITUS CONVENTION, Night of A Thousand Wizards, AVPS premiere and signing, etc.)

Oh and I saw "Weird Al" recently at Mizner Park a few days ago.

I worked for the CENSUS for a few months. That was fun. I would do it again. In ten years I guess..

Maybe I'll stay more in touch, LJ and modern people of 2010 who read this now but likely will not anymore when I'm perusing this as an older adult and laughing to myself with a glass of brandy about how true the statements I just typed SIXTY YEARS AGO are.

Either way, until next tiem!
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