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Well, well, well. We meet again!

LiveJournal. *pause*

Let me do my best to update you on my whereabouts and shenanigans.

This past year I got into LOST. A lot more has changed, but really, it comes down to those simple words. "WE HAVE TO GO BACK." Once you have seen it; and thanks to Netflix, I have; you never really leave the Island after you've seen the show. I think I benefitted largely by watching it in one fiendish run, in which I literally could not stop. I feel bad for the people that had to wait through episodes and seasons, during a STRIKE, and after with inconsistant writing. But the fact remains that the show is nearly flawless as a product. As was Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, might I mention. I loved that show, but that's behind me now, as hopefully LOST will be one day in comparison to it's superior successor.

Since the last entry, I have lived in THREE places. I feel like a real, true adult. I am not being inhibited by family that is holding me back from living life on my own terms. My friends have changed a lot in this time. I have made new friends and lost them (Ariel, Diego, James) as well as new potential long-term best friends like Joe, Michelle, Nick P, Chromey, Nareema,and more.

I have many bills now, but I secretly love to pay them. If, every month, I can pay a $300 car loan, $140 car insurance, $500 rent, a fluctuating phone bill, and everything on the side, I feel amazingly. So far, there has been no glitch in the system.

When my tax return came this year, I put the money into a new Macbook Pro as well as toward my 2000 Mustang trade for Carmax's 2008 Honda Fit. Soon after, Lacey and I decided it was time to move, and this decision was expedited by a request from our year long roommate/landlord, Diego, who did not approve of the way we conducted ourselves under his roof. For whatever reason.

I'm obviously still crazy about Lacey Langlois, if that hasn't been made perfectly clear yet. She is the cucumber to my thing that cucumbers go with. I couldn't care more about another person if I tried, and I love so much that we've made such an amazing life together. Below is a photo collage I made for her birthday and as an early two year anniversary.

My life is really great. I have been in several plays (see below photograph), gained slight exposure as an extra on Rock of Ages and Magic City, and built a small, ballin' lifestyle with Lacey La. My life is...pretty...prettty....prettttttyy good!

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2011 - A year whose BLOG will live in infamy.

It's about time I update this blog thing with information pertaining to my whereabouts, peculiarities, and such. As it is 2011 and I seem to, inexplicably, be going on in such an absurd manner, I might as well just get on with it and let the reader take the bare minimum expected from this entry, as is the case with all such entries printed within this blog.







That was just a test of the emotional spectrum. As you are still reading, you passed. Mazel's all around.
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Blogging. IN A NEW DECADE. Who would have thunk it? Perhaps this is the start of something great?

It likely isn't, though.

For a little over four months I have been dating a girl who completes me.. we've been a couple for over three. So far, it's great.

Loving life (HARRY POTTER INFINITUS CONVENTION, Night of A Thousand Wizards, AVPS premiere and signing, etc.)

Oh and I saw "Weird Al" recently at Mizner Park a few days ago.

I worked for the CENSUS for a few months. That was fun. I would do it again. In ten years I guess..

Maybe I'll stay more in touch, LJ and modern people of 2010 who read this now but likely will not anymore when I'm perusing this as an older adult and laughing to myself with a glass of brandy about how true the statements I just typed SIXTY YEARS AGO are.

Either way, until next tiem!
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Something New

I would like to learn something new, or pick up some interesting (perhaps rare or unique) skill.

Any suggestions?
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GOTY 2010

Joe Sherrod
11:07 i am returned
11:07 and still envisioning John Deere's Trick Tractors for xbox 360, wii, and ps3
11:08 I already know what the special bar will be

11:08 someone has to make it

Joe Sherrod
11:08 it's the Wrong Spectrum
11:08 because wrongness isn't just binary!
11:08 and as you do things that are outright wrong
11:08 you are actively placed on the spectrum
11:09 once you steamroll your way up to the Michael Jackson Nursery level of wrong, you get a wrongness multiplier
11:10 at that point, shit that should not ever be approached by a trick tractor will present itself to you
11:10 such as: china shops, stephen hawking, and nuns
11:10 grind the nuns? get a multiplier.

11:10 hahahaha

Joe Sherrod
11:10 already this is game of the year
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While it is true I started a Twitter (/kidajax), that's not why this post is less than 160 characters. It's solely because I'm tired.
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It's my turn to do this. Knew I'd only do it once.

It's too bad it had to come to this.

Actually got this from one of your old entries during the whole Melia thing:

..And if it makes you less sad,
we'll start talking again.
And you can tell me how vile
I already know that I am.
I'll grow old and start acting my age.
I'll be a brand new day in a life that you hate.
A crown of gold.
A heart that's harder than stone.
And it hurts a whole lot,
but it's missed when it's gone.
Call me a safe bet.
I'm betting I'm not.
I'm glad that you can forgive.
I'm only hoping as time goes, you can forget.

You'll never know.
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lol at Florida

I'm out on my back patio and it is 63 degrees out. I think it's pretty nice. The ladies on the golf course in front of me are bundled up, one going as far as having a towel wrapped around her face as to insulate a fragile area that may otherwise crumble and perish in this bleak climate. I think she was going for a Luke on Hoth kind of look:

Editors Note: That's the nerdiest reference I've ever made in a journal entry. Ever.
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