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A Manifesto of Sorts

the anthem, the slogan, the summary of events


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We'll not be victims! There'll be no victims of to speak. And only then will we be free. And up will rise the meek!



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January 15th, 2009

Magical Brain Ideas

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I have a script coming together in my head and I think it could be..
wait for it..

Either way, though, I've thought of some pretty funny stuff that I know I would enjoy watching. I almost like writing in my head better than I do on paper. Sounds stupid, but I feel less constricted by the process of script writing and in turn the operation is not a chore, but a fun act from which I can grow and such. Yezzir.

January 10th, 2009


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Well, after a noteworthy absence from it, it seems like..

Worth reading..Collapse )

January 5th, 2009

it involved seth being back in town, alcohol, a golf cart, and a little intuition.

honestly..i wish you were all there to see it. it was straight out of a movie.

January 1st, 2009


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..sweet New Years! I hope everyone else was as satisfied at midnight and has a plentiful year ahead of them.

This year, I plan on keeping true to the resolution Kristina set for me. Yep. 2009 is gonna kick ass.

December 29th, 2008


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Tonight I figured out how to stream my digital movies, tv shows, and music over my network so that my PS3 can pick it all up.

I can now watch Cool Runnings whenever I want without having to pop in a VHS tape. Life is sweet.

December 17th, 2008

A Collective Post.

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Instead of talking about what's new, I feel the need to look back.

My text message inbox seems to always be at 101 (99% full) messages and I always have to go back and find one to delete if I'm not deleting the new one that came in. Funny thing is is that I don't really go back and read my old texts (some of which are 6 months or older) unless I'm looking for an old one to delete. Until now. I'm laying down exhausted after my fourth 7-3:30 day in a row (I also had to stop in at the bank after work to dispute a shit ton of overdfrafts, which they admitted was their bad) and I read through most of my 101 text messages. I will share some of my favorites below (completely out of context, of course). Hah.

"Lumber men have iron men"

"but you sir, you are a legend spreading the legend and teachings that is beerminton. i am honored."

"4 sho n e tyme"

"Lol huge lizard in front of me!"

"Everytime i sit down on the toilet there is a fucking party in the bathroom"

"Nothing like a grease hug"

"They call me a pimp i call it a lover but every time i cum i still wear my rubber"


"I give you permission to make me watch the terminator mother btw. Save this text, i'm hungover"

"Ahn yung!"

"Wii Music is fun. I made my own ver. of twinkle little star. I ruined it, but it rocks."

"Omg, a piggalypoop!"

"Hi sofia how u doing its me wilda its is possible 4u 2do my toes 4me please 2day or 2morrow. Jesus love u"

I have a fairly good idea of what "A Collective Post 2" may contain. Someday perhaps.

December 13th, 2008

I love this:

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SNL's funniest skit in a long time. I think it beats Cowbell, actually.

And for the not faint of heart, turn back now!

December 1st, 2008

Onlooking is awesome

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So while 7:57 is early to be up and posting, it's not really in the scope of my day thus far. I woke up for work at 6:30 and now I'm in Panera buying food with Troy's credit card and bsing on lj on my iPod.

The guy sitting at the table in front of me with his headphones on is playing a game on his computer where you run around as a dog in a park. Onlooking is awesome.

Food's ready. Peace outside. Damn you.

November 26th, 2008

I Want..

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..a normal family again. a functional family. one that watches the simpsons every night and has a dog that ties everything together.
..to care about someone who cares about me. someone who wants to see me and talk to me. i don't really know why i keep choosing the wrong ones, but eventually i'll find a girl that doesn't mind my imperfections. i'm still human, and no matter how a situation ends, i only aim to be 100% me. i have a lot to offer, and that's what really keeps me going. i know someone will appreciate the fact eventually.
..to move out of the house. to have my own room. TO HAVE A BED. to be able to control the temperature.
..a hug. a real hug. the kind that warms you and assures you that everything will be okay and that the other party truly cares about you. it sucks that anyone capable of giving one is so far away.

I'll be okay. I'm actually not doing bad at all. These journals are just a way of venting anger that I'd otherwise just bottle up. It's nice to let go of your problems so you can concentrate on making new possibilities for yourself.

Like for example. I've gotten a rough group of people together that I will be making sketches with! All are interested and we've already had our first meeting that I've organized. I assigned the group the task of writing one sketch for this week. I've already written mine, "Lost Cat," which I think I'll use Tami for as the main character. Look out for it on the horizon!

And Devin may be able to hook me up with a job at Cheesecake Factory. $300 in a day would be sweet..and then I'd be free of the shackles that is living with my family (not that I don't appreciate them). I just need space to grow into my own adult version of me without parental interference.

And if you're capable of giving me that hug (dude hugs are on reserve for Michael Freedman only), then I'm capable of receiving it.

November 20th, 2008


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My laptop's motherboard broke again the other day and I'm in the library currently writing a paper that was due ten minutes ago. I believe I'll get it done before the end of the class and I'll just pray Charbizard takes it on time.

However, the downside to using a public computer is you can't choose the people who sit next to you. I'm about halfway into my paper now and a loud nose breather (wheezy noticable inhales and exhales) just sat right next to me. I never even realized how fast and frequently people breathe until now I suppose.

Back to the paper!
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