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GOTY 2010

Joe Sherrod
11:07 i am returned
11:07 and still envisioning John Deere's Trick Tractors for xbox 360, wii, and ps3
11:08 I already know what the special bar will be

11:08 someone has to make it

Joe Sherrod
11:08 it's the Wrong Spectrum
11:08 because wrongness isn't just binary!
11:08 and as you do things that are outright wrong
11:08 you are actively placed on the spectrum
11:09 once you steamroll your way up to the Michael Jackson Nursery level of wrong, you get a wrongness multiplier
11:10 at that point, shit that should not ever be approached by a trick tractor will present itself to you
11:10 such as: china shops, stephen hawking, and nuns
11:10 grind the nuns? get a multiplier.

11:10 hahahaha

Joe Sherrod
11:10 already this is game of the year
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